According to what elements should users choose the manufacturer of stretch film?

Date: 2023-02-14 Source:本站 Author:超级管理员 Click:126frequency

There are still many customers who need stretch film in the market, because some people need more varieties, specifications and quantities of stretch film, and the purchase demand is large. We must find a manufacturer that can purchase in a one-stop way to do it. It is the best to find a suitable manufacturer.

1、 Products shall be qualified

It is very important for the product to be qualified. To meet our requirements, the stretch film produced by its manufacturer should reach the characteristics of the product. For example, bright, good tensile strength, good retraction and other characteristics. This is the manufacturer we are looking for.

2、 Manufacturer's advanced production equipment

You can visit the factory where you can see the production machine of this product. It is better to have a five-layer co-extrusion film machine, which can ensure that we use the co-extrusion film.

3、 Establishment time of the manufacturer

It is better to have more than 10 years of production experience. A stretch film manufacturer has more than 10 years of production and operation, which shows that the manufacturer has passed the inspection of customers and time, and the quality is not to worry about.

4、 Manufacturer's corporate culture

The culture of an enterprise can show its strength and future development. Learning ability is necessary for everyone in modern society. If an enterprise does not have learning ability, it is not a professional export enterprise. In addition, we can also investigate whether the manufacturer can accept customization, whether it can supply according to demand, the price of its products and the delivery speed. 0523 - 86629796 138 - 5325 - 8021